materials + sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of All pieces are made using precious metals which mean pieces will be worn for years to come. Our jewellery is made from recycled, refined solid 9ct gold or 925 sterling silver and is produced in Sydney. By producing jewellery onshore we are supporting local economies, ensuring ethical practices and reducing our carbon footprint. We believe in slow making, creating jewellery that will last and does not follow trends. By making pieces to order eliminates unnecessary wastage that is common in mass produced jewellery.

Each piece has been lovingly worked on by human hands. The lost-wax casting process and traditional finishing techniques used to create jewellery are combined with new technologies like laser engraving to add unique elements to each piece. Extreme care is taken in the production of every piece.

We strive to avoid all plastic and toxic substances in the conception and creation of our jewellery. Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard and reusable linen pouches which can be used to store your pieces.

At we are continually working to improve our practices.