about ve.co

“ve.co lends itself as the optimal alternative for the minimal jewellery wearer disinterested in fleeting trends or having the same earrings or trinkets as everyone else... Delicate earrings, simple shapes and clean lines exude a sensibility and style that is equal parts modern and timeless.” - Jenn Nurick for Vogue Australia.

Contemporary jewellery label ve.co was born in Sydney, Australia in 2019.  All pieces are designed and handcrafted locally using a combination of modern and traditional techniques.

ve.co combines influences found in art and nature, mixing masculine and feminine cues to produce understated, luxury jewellery. From the very beginning, founder Veronica Dunn, created metal-prominent designs that were to be worn by all.

The inherent value of the label is to create quality jewellery from recycled, precious metals, destined to become cherished pieces in your personal narrative and future heirlooms for loved ones.