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Sydney jewellery label creates minimal pieces inspired by art and nature, using only recycled precious metals that will stand the test of time. With every item being made by hand using time-honoured processes including lost-wax casting. All pieces arrive in recycled cardboard and wrapped in reusable linen- swoon! Issue 46 Page 18

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After interning at Australian jewellery giants like Sarah & Sebastian and working in the industry for a few years after university, Veronica Dunn went out on her own to create Noticing a gap in the market for those who wanted well-made, sustainable jewellery that was neither too masculine nor feminine, was born and marketed as designs that can “be worn by all.” “I found myself making jewellery for myself, friend’s birthdays and weddings, and as demand started to grow I began to seriously consider starting the brand. I really enjoy making things for my mates and family so it just started from there,” Veronica said.

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Art and nature, masculine and feminine coalesce in up-and-coming jewellery brand With an intimate following of just 700 on Instagram, lends itself as the optimal alternative for the minimal jewellery wearer disinterested in fleeting trends or having the same earrings or trinkets as everyone else. The made-to-order, Sydney-based label combines forward-thinking laser engraving techniques with lost-wax casting traditions for an old-new feel. Delicate earrings, simple shapes and clean lines exude a sensibility and style that is equal parts modern and timeless, meaning these affordable pieces (’s offerings start from a cool $60) will surely be worn forever.  

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